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Next Big One

Likely To Hit Los Angeles

Don’t Ignore The Need To Be Prepared


San Diego, CA – (November 18, 2002) – If we needed any reminding about the chances of a destructive earthquake rumbling across southern California, geologists have given it to us.


Their extensive research indicates that we’re overdue for a big earthquake, somewhere in the vicinity of the magnitude 7.9 temblor that struck earlier this month in Alaska.


The main message to southern Californians must be ‘don’t ignore the need to be prepared’. People need to know how to prepare, what earthquake preparedness tools are accessible to them and where the tools are available.


It would be foolhardy for Los Angeles area residents to remain blasé about the likelihood of a severe earthquake rocking us, particularly as scientists have unlocked evidence pointing to the frequency of quakes on the San Andreas Fault.


Data from more than a dozen studies reveals that, on average, earthquakes of magnitude 7.5 have occurred along the San Andreas every 105 years and that the last one was 145 years ago.


“There are no excuses for not being prepared,” said Quakehold Vice president Dean Reese. “While there’s nothing we can do to stop severe earthquakes and the structural damage they can cause, we can protect ourselves and our household possessions.


“It only takes a few minutes and it’s affordable, so I would strongly encourage people to do something now, before it’s too late. Being prepared is our best defense against earthquakes.”


While scientists don’t know when the next Big One will hit, this latest geological evidence should be a call to action for all of us.


Earthquake safety and security fasteners are widely available throughout southern California. Peel-and-press nylon straps have been tested for securing items weighing up to 700lbs, while steel furniture cables will hold items up to 1000lbs.


These fasteners have been developed in California specifically for earthquake preparedness purposes. There are also temporary adhesives for holding down collectibles. All of these preparedness tools are available at ‘Earthquake Safety Centers’ in major hardware stores.

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